Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in Scotland and Driving Euro Style!

Sister Brand and Sister Cardon venturing out in a car!

Sister Cardon and Sister Adams

Christmas at the Flat!

Sister Cardon reports she had a wonderful Christmas Celebration starting with a performance from the Missionary Choir,  with 30 missionaries. They played drums, guitars, recorders, harmonicas, pianos, harps and violins. She said they were so talented and had amazing voices and the members loved it. They got to watch Polar Express on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day they were able to eat delicious food and Skype with family members. The day after Christmas they were not able to track and so they went to the church and had fun activities with all the other missionaries. She described a game called Chair Domination that sounds very fun. She said it's like dodge ball but on roller chairs with a ball. Sister Cardon said it was the funniest thing she has done on her mission and that she was sore the next day. I'm pretty sure her Water Polo Champion Days helped her dominate the Elders! The amazing work continues and she is teaching two investigators. One investigator named Andrew will be getting baptized next week. She wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and support.

Monday, December 16, 2013

Wild Winter Wind and a Christmas Choir

Tracking in Wild Winter Wind!

Sister Cardon and Sis Moore meet again at the Mission Home

"Pride and Prejudice" Look a Like Castle!

Sister Cardon reports that there has been great success with an new converts son. She also got a new companion. However, due to a newly formed Missionary Christmas Choir, Sister Adams is gone for a week and Sister Cardon is with another companion and they have a car, while the Christmas Choir travels around Scotland. The weather has been crazy and she provided a picture as proof! She is anticipating the Christmas call with family and had a wonderful week

Monday, December 9, 2013

A Birthday and a New Companion!

Sister Cardon turns 20!

 Sister Cardon celebrated her 20th birthday last week. One of the members gave her a personal little cake! She and Sister Watt were so happy to get a referral of a lady that is very interested in the church and already came to church with them. Also, one of their recent converts has a son that was not interested in the church at first. However, he just picked up the Book of Mormon and started reading it and now wants to be baptized. Sister Cardon said she almost fell off her seat she was so surprised. She knows Heavenly Father is really blessing them.
Sister Watt is getting transferred out and Julianne is staying. She is getting a new companion named Sister Adams. She will miss Sister Watt. They had a very fun companionship. However, Sister Cardon is excited to get to know her new companion.

Monday, November 25, 2013

Helping a Lost Lady and a Ride in a Police Car!

District Nerf Gun War on PDay

Making a Fortnight- a Scottish Tradition
Sister Cardon and Sister Watt were on the street and talked to an elderly lady. She was needing to walk home. They decided to help her get home and realized she could not find her way home. She led them to some homes, but then couldn't remember which one was hers. Just then a policeman stopped and asked some questions. It turned out this lady had been missing for hours and the police were looking for her. Sister Watt and Sister Cardon were questioned regarding the incident. They police were really grateful for their help but also seemed to be checking that they had not been involved in the ladies disappearance. It was very late and so the policeman drove the sisters home. What an exciting day and Sister Cardon and Sister Watt are happy they could help this lady.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mayhem and Being Psychic!

Sister Cardon shares,
 Everything was really good this week, its been kinda a crazy week. We are moving flats tomorrow  so we have to be moved out and have it all cleaned by then so we've spent a long time cleaning. The mission home senior sisters call our flat "the monster," and I highly agree. Its only been used for about a year but somehow it has aquired a large amount of junk from previous sisters. 

Our new flat belongs to a senior couple who got transferred down to England its smaller but still pretty nice and has 2 bathrooms! Besides moving flats this week was a stressful week. Edinburgh is kinda full of crazy people who take a lot of attention. So we have done a lot of running back and forth and having a lot of stressful phone calls. Sister Watt describes this area as a "high matenience Area."  This week we were able to get a less active member back to church who has been less active for about 6 months since her brother died
We had an amazing miracles yesterday. As you know we are trying to find new investigators this week. We found one his name is James.. This was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had on my mission because I could physically see the spirit working on James, more than I ever have I felt the spirit testify through me. There was a part that I said his name and told him how God loved him and was so proud of him. And as I said that, I could see the total impact from my words. He seemed to be taken back by the authority in my voice of what I said. I don't say this to lift my self up, but I know that what I said to him was completely from God and that if Jesus Christ was standing in my place he would've said the same things and it was such a great thing to feel the authority and power in my words as I testified to him. 

It is amazing how the spirit works on people. I feel so blessed to be here on a mission and to learn to listen to the language of the spirit because that will help me through my entire life. I just know that the with the spirit we can know everything. We can do everything, we never have to be confused or scared or afraid or unsure because we can trust in God and his way. Yesterday Sister Watt was saying, "I wish I was psychic," and I said "you are, you have the spirit!." So that is my little missionary spiritual thought for the week, when you dont' know what to do you can find out what to do by the spirit.

Love, Sister Cardon

Monday, November 11, 2013

First Week in Endinburgh!

Sister Cardon and Sister Watt

Endinburgh Castle in the background

City Park
Sister Cardon reports:
" Hello, this week was a very good week. It was my first official stay in Edinburgh and I love it. The ward here is great and there are a lot of people in it that we work with. The majority of our missionary work involves strengthening the ward, which is very different from Ireland. We visit a lot of less active and recent converts. This particular week we visited a ton of members because we are extending a challenge to them. Our stake president gave us a promise of a large number of baptisms in Edinburgh if we started working with members. In the last conference the phrase "now is the time for members and missionaries to come together" was mentioned 6 times.I love being with Sister Watt, together I feel that we will work to our full capacity and be the best missionaries we can be."

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Edinburgh-The Big City!

Sister Cardon reports that Eninburgh is so big! She has an amazing ward with 16 missionaries. Eight of the missionaries are senior couples that work in the mission home or the Family History Center. She reports they have lots of dinner appointments. She doesn't know what to think of this yet, as this is a new dynamic for her, but did wonder if all the dinner appointments were going to be hard on her waist line!
She also shared that Scotland is colder than Ireland!! She travels by bus everywhere and the bus system is supposed to be even better than the bus system in London. She has noticed that all the buildings look alike and it makes it difficult to find her way around.  However, she loves her new area and her companion!


Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Baptism, a Transfer to Corstorphine, Scotland, and Gratitude Prayers!

Staying Dry and Warm in Londonderry!

Sister Pitcher, Sister Doherety and Sister Cardon

Night Lights of Londonderry,
 Sister Cardon reports that she is moving to Scotland. She is going to be in the heart of Edinburgh and her area is called Corstorphine . She will be in a 3-sum again and is excited for the move, although it is hard to leave all her investigators.
Although Sister Cardon and Sister Pitcher did not teach Carmel they were able to assist her with her baptism. She Cardon included a few wise word about having gratitude:
"Last week we were focusing on saying gratitude prayers after every lesson we had. It was amazing the effect that had upon the amount of lessons we got last week. I know that as we are grateful for what we do have, the Lord blesses us with more. Just like an earthly favor, our Heavenly Father will not continue to bless us if we are not grateful for what we already have."

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zone Interview Training and a Package!

 Sister Card and Sister Pitcher at Zone Interview Training
A Long Awaited Package finally delivered!

Sister Cardon reports she enjoyed her recent Zone Interview Training. She was given a new booklet the First Presidency has put out for new missionaries called  "Adjusting to Mission Life."  She said it tells missionaries what to expect and how to deal with the stresses and changes that come with serving a mission. 
She was able to see President and Sister Brown, which she said is like  is like seeing your mission Mom and Dad!. Sister Cardon gets to attend a baptism that the Letterkenny Elders are having in a neighboring town. She has high hopes one of her investigators will  be baptized soon. Her branch has a new mission leader and she is very excited that missionary work will increase with this new change.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Case of the Flu and Increasing Faith

Sister Cardon reports her companion was sick most of the week with the flu. Happily, her companion is now feeling much better. This week she said,
"It has been such an amazing few weeks, though we weren't' able to go out much we were really effective in teaching "those that are prepared to receive" us. Everyday I feel my faith increasing and I know the Lord is watching over us and supporting us in the missionary work. Regardless of whether Philomena or Allen get baptized my faith in the Lord will not falter. I am here to preach his gospel and I love the work!"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Success at the Bus Stop and a tender testimony!

Sister Cardon shares her week as they went to check out a referral and her testimony.

"The community was small so we decided to knock the entire community cause it only had about 30 houses. As we did so, every person that opened the door and said, "I'm Catholic, no thanks" and would shut the door. This week I was really really trying to work on getting more faith, and so at each door I would say, Ok this person is going to talk to us, they are going to be prepared, this is it! But we did the entire community with no possibilities of return appointments. Later back our on way home we were at a bus stop and starting talking to this lady. We talked for about 20 minutes because we had just missed the bus, and  she became really interested in the gospel. We boarded the bus and Sat next to her. By the time we got off the bus we had a time set up for a return appointment, given her a BOM and had the assignment to get her a picture of the Latter-day Prophet for our next appointment. 

 I know that the Lord is watching over all of us. All we have to do is have faith in Him and I know He will deliver, for that is His promise to us. If Christ could raise men and women from the dead, can he not soften the hearts of those we love, can he not put prepared people in our paths, can he not help us with the everyday simple challenges we face in this life. I know that He can but we must pray to him daily, hour by hour in our hearts and He will reward us as we believe in Him.  Remember, it is easy to believe, it is easy to follow the savior. His burden is easy and His yoke is light, we are not meant to go through life alone, but are meant to rely on the one who will always be there to help us."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exchange Miracles!

Sister Cardon reports she had a superb week. The Sister Trainers from Dublin came and went on splits with them. She reported that miracles happen when missionaries go on splits. Sister Cardon explained that splits give missionaries new momentum in their efforts. She was able to find a man that has previously taken the discussions and is married to a woman that is a member of the church who is not attending currently. She is very excited about finding this couple. By the end of the week they had 10 potential contacts and she reminds us all that prayer can fix anything and make things better!

Monday, September 23, 2013

50 Year Anniversary!

Sister Cardon reports she has had a wonderful week. They had a special anniversary Sunday. The chapel in Londonderry is the first chapel built in Ireland. It was the 50th anniversary of this special day. They had a big celebration during the church service. In the 3rd hour of church the bishop got permission to have an additional service that included the mayor speaking, and Jason Smyth, the ""super duper fast" Olympic runner. Sister Cardon reported that the chapel was full! In addition, she was pleased that two of their investigators came. 

The wild winds and rains have calmed and the weather was nice for a few days this last week. The missionaries were able to have a city tour for free. Sister Cardon said that people in Ireland are short. The average man is the average height of an American women. 

Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Ten to Twenty Hurricanes a Day!

Sister Cardon reports that she is staying in Londonderry for another transfer and will continue to train Sister Pitcher. She is excited to stay where she is. They are teaching several investigators. She also reports that the weather has turned very crazy. Apparently it is Hurricane Season in Ireland and they can get 10-20 Hurricanes a day!! This week she felt like she was going to be blown away like on the Wizard of Oz. Sister Cardon also says the weather can change in 5 minutes from sunny to a full blown hurricane with crazy wind and rain. She is struggling to keep warm and dry but is happy and working hard!

Tuesday, September 10, 2013

Rain Rain Rain and an American Kitchen

Trainer Cardon and Trainee Pitcher

Sister Cardon's Pole

An American Kitchen!
Sister Cardon reports that training is going well. The Autumn is upon her along with lots of rain. She reported 12 inches of rain in one day. She said she is wearing lots of layers and people comment on her cold hands when she is out meeting people. They have found two new people to teach and are continuing to work with the special people they have been working with for the last few months. They are so happy to be in their new flat. She loves the fact that there is an "American refrigerator" unlike the last flat.

Monday, September 2, 2013

A New Flat and Zone Conference

Zone Conference

Sister Shead and Sister Cardon with matching bags
This last week Sister Cardon attended Zone Conference and saw President Brown. She also had Zone meetings with the Zone leaders and she said it was fun and exciting.  She reports training is going well, and she is even enjoying. She is nervous for Smart Start. Smart Start is basically where you get together with all the other training companionships in the zone and practice with the zone leaders. She was able to move into her new flat that is "posh" according to her along with being safe because it's right next to the police station.

Monday, August 26, 2013

Playing a Tin Whistle

40 Shades of Green
Sister Cardon shares:
"The work here is going really good. Sister Pitcher and I had a really good week. We got 4 new investigators to start working with and even more on the way. It has been such an amazing week where we just keep finding all of these prepared people to work with. I love it.. We got a new flat right by the police station in a nice and safe area. It is nice, has 2 bathrooms, 3 bedrooms and an America kitchen! So we are being really spoiled. We move in a week from today! Training is going good. Sister Pitcher is still very shy, hopefully over time she will come out of her shell a little more. This week we get to have zone conference so I will be able to see president which is great!"

Monday, August 19, 2013

Londonderry Packed with People

The Fleadh

SIster Cardon reports:
 "Over here we had a bit of a crazy week. The Fleadh was going on and so the town was packed. They estimated there would be 300,000 people at the Fleadh over the week and they said they got more then that! I don't know now much more but it was packed. We spent a few hours of the week helping out at the Family history booth we had up, though the Elders ran it most of the time. It was kinda like Swiss Days but with a lot of more food stands.  There was a lot of crazy drinking to at the end of the night so we stayed away from the city after 6 PM. You would think it would be easier to talk to people when there are lots around but is actually harder to find people to talk to in a sea of humans. Lucky me and sister Pitcher were able to teach 22 lessons this week even with the big crowds. Everyone tells me that being in training is the slowest time of your mission and being a trainer is the fastest. I can already tell how fast these next few weeks are going to go by."

Monday, August 12, 2013

Outnumbered 23 to 1

Sister Cardon traveled by train, plane, bus and ferry to pick up Sister Pitcher from the mission home. The best part of the journey was flying by plane and being able to see both Ireland and Scotland from the air! She loved staying in the mission home and having some "home made meals!" There were 23 training Elders picking up their new missionaries. She was the one training Sister picking up her new missionary! After getting back home again, she had to find a new flat  in Londonderry.
  Sister Cardon shares, "This week in Londonderry they are having celebration of the Fleadh Cheoil. We usually just call it the Fleadh (that Irish for Flah). Anyway the Fleadh is a week long huge all Ireland music festival. So basically there are go to be hundreds of thousands of tourist in Derry for the next week. The Church is going to have a Family History stand that we are going to be working at and/or handing out flyers a lot of the week. So this week will also be really interesting. It's different not having Sister Ryan there to rely on her to guide me and tell me what to do.  I am responsible for the area now and the success of the area. Its kind of a scary thought, but really very humbling knowing that I basically have no one to turn to for help except the Lord."

Monday, August 5, 2013

Sister Cardon Stays in Londonderry with new Trainee!

Sister Cardon in St. Columbus Park
Sister Cardon reports that she is staying in Londonderry. However, she is going to be training a new Sister Missionary! There is only one Sister missionary coming to the mission home with 23 Elders this week. Sister Cardon will spend two days traveling by bus, train and ferry to pick up her new companion. She is getting a companion from Utah that also has red hair! She thinks it will be great to have two red-headed missionaries walking the street of Londonderry Ireland!
She had a fantastic week and taught 23 lessons! She is excited to continue to work with Winefred, who will be getting baptized soon. She can't believe she is already training a sister but is looking forward to growth it will afford her.

Monday, July 29, 2013

Giants Cause Way and a Baptismal Date!

Sister Cardon enjoying the sites of Ireland!

 Sister Cardon reports:
"This week I went to Dublin for an all Ireland conference where Elder Teixeira, from the Quorum of the Seventy came and spoke to us. We had some amazing talks given by Pres. and Sis. Brown. Basically, President Brown gave us a talk about having more faith. He reminded us of the promise we have as missionaries to baptize here. 

 Sister Ryan and I were inspired by the conference. The next day we had this lesson with Winifred and we were going to invite her to be baptized on the next Sunday, in like 8 days. I can't explain the preparation we did for this lesson and how it went but just know it was one of the most intense lessons I have ever had. Winifred has been feeling really sad and depressed, she describes her feeling as "Wretchedness." Satan is just trying to bring her down. After a very long lesson of talking about things, we invited her to be baptized and she said yes! We have a baptism this week!!!! So amazing. It's not that she isn't ready and we had to over come challenges, it was all in the timing. We were definitely guided by the spirit.

Besides that amazing and wonderful miracle, our week has been really really good. Last Monday we went to Giants Cause Way and I have attached a picture of me sitting on the cool rock formations. We went with a Senior couple who served in Limerick, but who also served with Sister Ryan. So it was really nice to go and see some of the sites. It has been really warm these last couple of weeks, warmer then it has been in decades supposedly so we have had some really nice weather."

Monday, July 15, 2013

The Most Prepared Person and Bonfire

Bonfire for Protestant Holiday

Sister Cardon reports that this week was also full of miracles. They now have two investigators  with a baptismal date!!! One investigator is badly burned. She states:

"Two years ago someone threw a smoke bomb into his house which then caused his flat to explode. He said he shouldn't even be alive and is completely thankful to God for saving his life. It was only recently that he gained a testimony of Christ and he has an amazing experience about how he was guided to know to the gospel. We invited him to be baptized on the very first lesson and it turns out he hadn't been baptized and was so delighted! He said, "Are you serious?" like we were joking because we were offering him something so great! He basically just wants to be a missionary, and says things like "I would die for Jesus." The most prepared person I have ever met!"

The other investigator is a lady and she knows the church is true. She and her 8 year old daughter want to be baptized. The Protestant Holiday on July 12 came and went without incident. Sister Cardon had to stay inside all day for safety and spent the day reading the BOM!  The attached a picture is of people building a bonfire for the 12 of July celebration and they were filling it with  tumble weeds.

Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week of Miracles - 3 Investigators at Church!

Beautiful Londonderry
Sister Cardon reports:
"We have seen many miracles this week and have truly witnessed the blessings of the Lord.
 Yesterday atchurch we had 3 investigators!!
 Basically we just met a lot of really amazing people this week on the street. We 
met Michael, Dylan and Patrick which are already or will soon be new investigators!
 Then we are teaching Maliky, Ronny, Janusz and Winifred.
 Yep that is correct we only have one female investigator, we can't help it if men like to
 talk to us better! :)
 But Winifred came to church yesterdayand she is completey ready to get baptized so
 hopefully that will happen soon!"
 Sister Cardon also reported they have seen a lot of rain. She has been told to take pictures 
when the sun comes out and now she realizes why people tell her that. She was taken to 
Subway Sandwich by some members in the ward. Then she even  met some people from 
Heber that were visiting Ireland and they knew Shane! 

Monday, July 1, 2013

A Blue House in Belfast and a Park in Londonderry

Blue House in Belfast featuring a waterfall in the backyard!

Sister Cardon and Sister Ryan in their favorite park in Londonderry
The three beautiful sisters in Londonderry received a surprise their mission president at 10:30 pm. to announce that their trainer, Sister Moore, would be leaving to go to Belfast. Sister Cardon admits they were in complete shock and scared as the prospects of being without their trainer. However, the week has progressed wonderfully and the two "greenie" sister missionaries seem to be handling Londonderry missionary work on their own. She said the transition has gone smoothly and they are feeling very effective in their missionary efforts.

Monday, June 24, 2013

Kebab-tized, an Olympic Gold Medalist and Obama!

Sister Cardon reports there are many people to talk to and they have been passing out many Books of Mormon as Londonderry has been awarded the City of Culture Award. This award brings many visitors for celebrations and events. She became a true Scotland/Irleland Missionary by being Kebab-tized by eating a delicious mystery meat wrap that all real missionaries eat! She was able to meet a Olympic Gold Medalist named Jason Symth. He has a "I'm a Mormon" profile on She encourages all to look him up. She also came very close to Obama. She did not see him, but his motor brigade passed her on the street and she waved!

Sister Cardon being Kebab-tized

Sister Cardon's District

Tracking on the streets of Londonderry with Sister Moore

Monday, June 17, 2013

Exchanges to Belfast

Sister Moore and Sister Cardon at the Hospital

Sister Cardon in Belfast
Sister Cardon reports another busy and productive week. She was surprised this week to be sent to Belfast on exchanges for two days. Usually a new missionary does not go on exchanges. However, she was sent to Belfast to help another sister learn how to train a "greenie." She loved being in Belfast and reports the sisters there live a "posh" life with a fancy flat! She has been working hard with her companions to get appointments to talk to people. The investigators they are now working with are "diamonds" according to Sister Cardon and she feels very blessed to be teaching them. Sister Moore had to go to the hospital due to a tight neck muscle that kept her from being able to move her head.

Monday, June 3, 2013

Mayhem and Miracles

The first question Juli asked this week was if anyone has seen the TV series "Hoarders" or "Buried Alive".
She explains that she had a first hand experience during service this week helping clean a house that could have made an appearance on one of those shows. She says that, "It was quite an adventure." she even got a brand new teddy bear out of it!


After mayhem however there's always miracles. During street contacting they were able to find a wonderful women who was ready to hear the message of the gospel. They gave her a tour of the branch building even the baptismal fount! Sister Cardon says, "that it was truly amazing"and that she knows that the Lord is leading them to find those who are really ready to recieve their message.

Monday, May 27, 2013

Yep, Not Oil!

Tracking on the streets of Londonderry

Sister Cardon reports she had a very busy week and even though their area has just opened, they have 4 investigators.They have two women and two men they are teaching. She explained  one investigator gave them an address, and when they went to the address they were in for quite an experience. Once inside, she and her companions were confused as to where they were and what was going on. They felt they should leave, so they walked outside with their investigator. She states,
 "After words we figured out it was a hostel, a place for convicts after they got out of jail and probably have drinking problems. (That made sense cause the whole time I was wondering why this guy was drinking vegetable oil from a vegetable oil bottle), yep not oil!"

This appears to be their FLAT


Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Buses, A Ferry and A Train to Londonderry!

Sister Cardon reports many exciting events over the last week. Upon arriving at the Mission Home all the new missionaries were taken on a hike up to Pratt's Hill where they were invited to make a covenant with the Lord regarding their commitment to their mission. She said it was a very spiritual experience.
Sister Cardon was then sent off to her first area. She said her trip to Northern Ireland was very long and exciting. She has opened up a new area for sisters with her trainer Sister Ryan and Sister Moore (another Greenie). She has already tracked in 8 hours of rain and reported that her boots are keeping her feet dry. However, keeping them warm is another story. She has already asked for those feet warmer packets! She and her companions had to Deputize their new apartment and make it Missionary Ready! She claims bleach works well and that we would approve of it now. She has met the bishop and in the new area and the bishop's wife picked them up after their long voyage.

Friday, May 17, 2013