Monday, December 9, 2013

A Birthday and a New Companion!

Sister Cardon turns 20!

 Sister Cardon celebrated her 20th birthday last week. One of the members gave her a personal little cake! She and Sister Watt were so happy to get a referral of a lady that is very interested in the church and already came to church with them. Also, one of their recent converts has a son that was not interested in the church at first. However, he just picked up the Book of Mormon and started reading it and now wants to be baptized. Sister Cardon said she almost fell off her seat she was so surprised. She knows Heavenly Father is really blessing them.
Sister Watt is getting transferred out and Julianne is staying. She is getting a new companion named Sister Adams. She will miss Sister Watt. They had a very fun companionship. However, Sister Cardon is excited to get to know her new companion.

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