Monday, May 27, 2013

Yep, Not Oil!

Tracking on the streets of Londonderry

Sister Cardon reports she had a very busy week and even though their area has just opened, they have 4 investigators.They have two women and two men they are teaching. She explained  one investigator gave them an address, and when they went to the address they were in for quite an experience. Once inside, she and her companions were confused as to where they were and what was going on. They felt they should leave, so they walked outside with their investigator. She states,
 "After words we figured out it was a hostel, a place for convicts after they got out of jail and probably have drinking problems. (That made sense cause the whole time I was wondering why this guy was drinking vegetable oil from a vegetable oil bottle), yep not oil!"

This appears to be their FLAT


Monday, May 20, 2013

Two Buses, A Ferry and A Train to Londonderry!

Sister Cardon reports many exciting events over the last week. Upon arriving at the Mission Home all the new missionaries were taken on a hike up to Pratt's Hill where they were invited to make a covenant with the Lord regarding their commitment to their mission. She said it was a very spiritual experience.
Sister Cardon was then sent off to her first area. She said her trip to Northern Ireland was very long and exciting. She has opened up a new area for sisters with her trainer Sister Ryan and Sister Moore (another Greenie). She has already tracked in 8 hours of rain and reported that her boots are keeping her feet dry. However, keeping them warm is another story. She has already asked for those feet warmer packets! She and her companions had to Deputize their new apartment and make it Missionary Ready! She claims bleach works well and that we would approve of it now. She has met the bishop and in the new area and the bishop's wife picked them up after their long voyage.

Friday, May 17, 2013