Monday, July 28, 2014

A Beautiful Beach called Luskentire

Sister Cardon traveled to Harris an area on the other side of the Island to visit a member that lives there. This member and her husband live in a super small place on the coast of the most beautiful beach called Luskentire. She states, " It is seriously the most beautiful place I have ever seen.  This island is so so amazing, I sometimes feel like I am in a dream or in a movie or that nothing could actually be this beautiful!! Ahh I love it!"

Driving to Luskentire Beach

Sister Lowry and Sister Cardon at Luskentire Beach

Sister Cardon has been busy working with investigators. The missionary work is moving forward at a fast pace and she is so excited to be teaching people that are ready to hear about the gospel. The senior missionary couple on their Isle are leaving. The branch had a party for them. Sister Cardon said many members came out to say goodbye.

Stornoway Branch Party

Monday, July 21, 2014

Scotland West Conference in Glasgow

Scotland West Missionaries

Sister Missionaries in Scotland West Zone

30 Passenger Plane to Glasgow

Leaving Glasgow

Landing in Stornoway- looks stormy!
Sister Cardon enjoyed traveling to Glasgow to the Scotland West Zone Conference. As usual, the travel is long and crazy! The Sister Missionaries they stayed with in Glasgow didn't know they were coming to stay. The zone leaders forgot to tell them. Sister Cardon said it turned out great anyway and loved being in Glasgow, going on exchanges with other Sisters and enjoyed the conference.

She is very pleased with the progress of their investigators in Stornoway. One investigator is going to be baptized soon, just the weekend before Sister Lowry goes home! They were also excited to see their recent convert bless the the sacrament in Sacrament meeting! She knows the Lord is involved in their work in Stornoway!

Monday, July 14, 2014

Charity Shops and a Trip to Glasgow!

Sister Lewis and Sister Cardon  in the sunny city of Stornoway - sometimes!
Sister Cardon has three investigators that they are working with now. She said that they don't do as much proselyting in Stornoway as they do in other areas. Instead, on Fridays they volunteer at two Charity Shops (thrift stores). She said people really need the help. In addition, on Thursday they work at the Family History center for 2 hours.  On Sunday, they are not allowed to proselyte at all.  She shares,

 " It's really a miracle though because many of our investigators have come through giving service.  Finding new investigators here is different than any other area I have been in." 

Sister Cardon is excited to be going to Glasgow for three days. They will be going to do exchanges with other Sister missionaries and she is excited to meet back up with loved companions!

Monday, July 7, 2014

A Train, Bus and Ferry to "The Isle of Lewis"

Sister Lowry and Sister Cardon

The Highland


A Gift from a new member -A Fish
Sister Cardon describes her trip to Stornoway on the Isle of Lewis. 
"The  Ferry ride was much more violent than the other ones to Ireland because we do go out into open sea and there is land no where in sight! The waves are pretty big and are strong enough to lift the boat up into the air and bring to back down with a big loud splash into the ocean. I like rollar coasters so it was quite enjoyable for me, but we couldn't walk very well around the ferry when it was in mid ocean. And oh my goodness!! Words cannot describe the beauty I saw when I was on the ferry! I got to go through the" highlands," they are the only mountains in Scotland. All around me were these big green mountains and it looks like a movie, like Lord of the Rings or something. Its so amazing!
Of all my flats, this one in Stornoway is perhaps the nicest. I'ts actually a house equipped for a family so it feels a lot like home and its really big and is really good quality too."

Sister Cardon predicts Stornoway will be her most favorite area of her mission. She said people sound like the did in Ireland, but they also speak Gaelic and she is learning to understand them. She can't read any sign as they are all in Gaelic. They have an investigator that just got baptized and another investigator to teach! Her companion is going home in 5 weeks but wants to work hard until the very end. Sister Cardon is so excited to be on Stornoway and is determined to learn the city before Sister Lowry goes home. She met 15 members on Sunday and she said they are Rock Solid members!