Tuesday, August 26, 2014

Planting Seeds and a Holiday in Glasgow

Sister Sawyer and Sister Cardon on the flight to Glasgow

The Flight out of Stornoway

Another Flight Picture
Sister Cardon has stated again that it feels and smells like winter on the" Wee" Isle of Lewis. She and Sister Sawyer went to a Zone Development Day in Glasgow. She enjoyed the trip and had fun playing Capture the Flag. She said all the experienced missionaries are out of shape. She is very sore from trying to chase the new missionaries that are still in shape and quick! She said it was nice to go somewhere "warm." Before being on Stornoway, I don't think Sister Cardon would have called Glasgow warm! They continue to have investigators on Stornoway and were able to plants some seeds, especially with a wonderful 10 year old girl this week.

Monday, August 18, 2014

Luxuries in the Mission Home and Sister Sawyer from Wales!

Trainers and Trainee's at Pratt's Hill

 August Trainers and Trainees in Mission Home

Sister Cardon and Sister Sawyer from Wales

Edinburgh Sister Reunion 

The Scotland Highlands while traveling from Isle of Lewis
Sister Cardon enjoyed going to the mission  home and loved the luxuries there including delicious food and a very soft and comfortable bed full of pillows, that reminds her of home. She has a new trainee, Sister Sawyer. Sister Sawyer is from Wales, and according to Sister Cardon, has the coolest English accent. She reports summer of over on the Isle of Lewis and the winter has set in! She even stated that she can SMELL snow coming! It's high time for hurricanes again as hurricane season is in full swing and many hurricanes roll up her way. She said she hopes she doesn't die during the winter! She was able to buy some new winter water proof boots, her third pair since on her mission. While in Edinburgh she was able to with meet up with previous loved companions! She said there will be very little travel off the Isle over the next few months as weather doesn't permit such travel. She is committed too working hard and living the "Isolated Life" for the Lord's work.

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

A Baptism and a Lashing Rainstorm

Sister Lowry, Calum and Sister Cardon

Stornoway Branch Members
Sister Cardon reports they had a wonderful week. Calum was baptized and they continue to teach more investigators. Sister Lowry is going home. Sister Cardon is traveling to the mission home to take Sister Lowry back and pick up a new trainee. She will be on the mainland until Thursday. She is excited to be training again. Sister Cardon was unsure they would get to leave today as they woke up to a "Lashing Rainstorm" unlike anything she has seen yet! However, the winds calmed down and she thinks they will be able to go. The plane and ferry will not travel in "lashing rains or winds." She has been informed that missionaries have been stuck either in Scotland trying to get back to Stornoway or the other way around, due to wild weather. 

Sister Cardon calls this the Wee Ferry-part of the travel to Stornoway
A picture in her Stornoway Cottage

Monday, August 4, 2014

The Wind and the Rain and Beanie Babies!

Sister Cardon holding the same Beanie Babies she has at home!
Sister Cardon reports that the summer is over! Out on the Isle of Lewis, the summer is short and the winds and the rains have returned! She has been told by the senior couple serving there, that windows get blown out and cars get overturned in the wind. In fact, this Brother told her that he was knocked down in the wind himself and held flat against the ground by the wind!

It sounds like Sister Cardon is going to have an interesting August through October in Stornoway. The works is going very well. She reports one investigator has passed his baptismal interview. They have others that they are teaching and one new investigator came to all 3 hours of church. She is ecstatic that the work moves forward on the Isle of Lewis. 
She states, 
 " I can really see a difference here and the reason why is because the branch wants new members and is willing to work for them. I feel like this is the ideal place, a place that is really coming together as members and missionaries to do the work. If everyone member in the world was as good as these, members are with missionary work there would be thousands more baptisms. I encourage you all to think about your missionary efforts."