Monday, June 30, 2014

Stowing Away to the Isle of Stornoway!

Missionaries in the Dundee Ward

Big Hill in Dundee 

Sister Cardon  loves this view!
Sister Cardon has exciting news today! She is being sent to the Isle of Stornoway, or sometimes know as the Isle of Lewis. It is above Scotland and has a population of 5000 with an LDS population of 50! The only missionaries on the Island will be Sister Cardon and her new companion Sister Lewis along with one senior missionary couple. She said the whole Island is religious and they even print in the local paper for residents not to talk to the missionaries. She will get to fly there and then fly to Glasgow a few times in each transfer for conferences. However, all other meetings and conferences will be via Skype!

Sister Cardon is very excited even though her Zone Leader announced the day before tranfers, "Let's see who is the strongest and get's sent to Stornoway"! She has been told despite the resistance to missionaries there, they are getting ready to baptize someone on the Isle! Her prediction is that this the coolest place in the mission and she is going to love it! She also reports it rains even more than in her other areas, which is hard to imagine! 

She shares that she will miss the Dundee ward members and investigators tremendously. She feels she is prepared for her next adventure and states "I am going to be that missionary in the Other Side of  Heaven, I wonder if they even speak English up there?! 

Monday, June 23, 2014

The Last Appointment of the Day!

Zone Development Day at the Beach!
Sister Cardon reports their week was full of "dropped appointments." She said it was almost humorous, as they all seemed to be getting canceled. So, they struck out to find some new appointments and couldn't get in any doors after enormous efforts. However, even though they were very tired, they decided to knock on one more door and actually got in! She shares:

"There were many times during this week when I became so discouraged and tired that I didn't want to keep going. When this happens heavenly intervention always makes it possible to keep pushing forward. Heavenly Fathers always gives you help right when you need it, that, I do know."

Another wonderful happening occurred when someone they invited to church showed up. She said they invite at least 10+ people to church every week. Rarely someone comes. However, a 19 year old girl they invited decided to come and they are very excited to work with her.
Sister Cardon also reported that she got the stomach flu this week. She feels very blessed to have gone 13 months on her mission without being sick. This is amazing since she has lived in two foreign countries, eating all kinds of new and mysterious foods! 

Monday, June 16, 2014

Annoying Bible People and War Wives Concert

Dressing Room for the Concert

At the Concert
Sister Cardon said she had a week of wonderfulness! They met with the three investigators they found last week. They have stayed busy and are very happy about having people to meet with. One investigator has become very interested in religion. He had a life changing experience. He was almost killed and feels like God saved him.He wants to learn more! 

Sister McCarry was in a special War Wives Concert. Sister Cardon said it was an all day affair and a very big deal! Then when they were home at their apartment someone knocked on their door. When they opened it the person said, "Don't worry I'm not one of those annoying people that try to give you a bible." He was collecting money for dissabled children. Before, Sister Cardon could say anything he asked if she had any children. Sister Cardon said no and that she was a missionary. He asked what a missionary was and Sister McCarry chimed in that they were indeed those annoying people that try to give you bible. Sister Cardon said his expression was priceless!

Monday, June 9, 2014

19 Hours of Sunlight and Raw Fish!

Sister Cardon loves Yummy Raw Fish!
Sister Cardon reports:
" Dundee is the sunniest and driest city in Scotland? So I feel super blessed to be in such a warm area. The days are super long, its gets light at 4am and doesn't get dark until about 11pm so there is only about 5 hours of darkness which is really nice and makes missionary work feel a lot better when its light all day long instead of dark. We found 3 new investigators which greatly increased our teaching pool.

 Our stake president is really cool and gives everyone a little object at the beginning of the Saturday session and then they have to wait and hold this object until the end when he relates it to the gospel. Last conference he gave everyone a set of ear plugs and talked about tuning out the world and then challenged everyone to stop watching TV, get on facebook etc. for a week. He is pretty creative. On Saturday everyone was given this week little brown envelope and it said DO NOT OPEN. When he talked he told everyone to stand up and close their eyes. Then he asked everyone to point to where North was, still with our eyes closed. When we opened our eyes all of us where pointing in different direction. Then he asked us all to open this envelope and inside was a little compass, everyone got one. He related the compass to the Holy Ghost, and how the dependable, unchanging qualities of a compass guide us through life just like the Holy Ghost."

Tuesday, June 3, 2014

A Baptism and Yoga Football!

William's Baptism!

Classic Scottish Telephone Booth

Sister Cardon Loves this Sign!

Sister Cardon said this is the Lollipop Man
Sister Cardon is so happy to report that William was baptized this Sunday and that 50 ward members stayed to watch the baptism! 
She said,
"William so prepared we really didn't even have to do anything. All we did was show up and teach and he was ready to hear the message. So that was a very happy day."

She also was able to teach a lesson to a Polish man. She said they asked him what he would do if he found out the Book of Mormon was true and he said, "that is one-sided question, there is only one thing I could do and that would be to join this church." Comments like this make missionaries very excited.

Sister Cardon enjoyed another Zone development day. She said it was ridiculously fun! 
They played Yoga Football (soccer) but they played with a Yoga ball and it was impossible to control the ball. In addition, the ground was slippery so they fell down trying to control the big yoga ball and get it in the goal. They also played Conference Jeopardy, volleyball and other games. The missionaries love these development days! She is sad to report her favorite Sister Trainer Leader has to go home 11 weeks early to get her tonsils out. But, the week was fantastic overall!