Monday, June 23, 2014

The Last Appointment of the Day!

Zone Development Day at the Beach!
Sister Cardon reports their week was full of "dropped appointments." She said it was almost humorous, as they all seemed to be getting canceled. So, they struck out to find some new appointments and couldn't get in any doors after enormous efforts. However, even though they were very tired, they decided to knock on one more door and actually got in! She shares:

"There were many times during this week when I became so discouraged and tired that I didn't want to keep going. When this happens heavenly intervention always makes it possible to keep pushing forward. Heavenly Fathers always gives you help right when you need it, that, I do know."

Another wonderful happening occurred when someone they invited to church showed up. She said they invite at least 10+ people to church every week. Rarely someone comes. However, a 19 year old girl they invited decided to come and they are very excited to work with her.
Sister Cardon also reported that she got the stomach flu this week. She feels very blessed to have gone 13 months on her mission without being sick. This is amazing since she has lived in two foreign countries, eating all kinds of new and mysterious foods! 

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