Monday, June 16, 2014

Annoying Bible People and War Wives Concert

Dressing Room for the Concert

At the Concert
Sister Cardon said she had a week of wonderfulness! They met with the three investigators they found last week. They have stayed busy and are very happy about having people to meet with. One investigator has become very interested in religion. He had a life changing experience. He was almost killed and feels like God saved him.He wants to learn more! 

Sister McCarry was in a special War Wives Concert. Sister Cardon said it was an all day affair and a very big deal! Then when they were home at their apartment someone knocked on their door. When they opened it the person said, "Don't worry I'm not one of those annoying people that try to give you a bible." He was collecting money for dissabled children. Before, Sister Cardon could say anything he asked if she had any children. Sister Cardon said no and that she was a missionary. He asked what a missionary was and Sister McCarry chimed in that they were indeed those annoying people that try to give you bible. Sister Cardon said his expression was priceless!

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