Monday, November 25, 2013

Helping a Lost Lady and a Ride in a Police Car!

District Nerf Gun War on PDay

Making a Fortnight- a Scottish Tradition
Sister Cardon and Sister Watt were on the street and talked to an elderly lady. She was needing to walk home. They decided to help her get home and realized she could not find her way home. She led them to some homes, but then couldn't remember which one was hers. Just then a policeman stopped and asked some questions. It turned out this lady had been missing for hours and the police were looking for her. Sister Watt and Sister Cardon were questioned regarding the incident. They police were really grateful for their help but also seemed to be checking that they had not been involved in the ladies disappearance. It was very late and so the policeman drove the sisters home. What an exciting day and Sister Cardon and Sister Watt are happy they could help this lady.

Thursday, November 21, 2013

Mayhem and Being Psychic!

Sister Cardon shares,
 Everything was really good this week, its been kinda a crazy week. We are moving flats tomorrow  so we have to be moved out and have it all cleaned by then so we've spent a long time cleaning. The mission home senior sisters call our flat "the monster," and I highly agree. Its only been used for about a year but somehow it has aquired a large amount of junk from previous sisters. 

Our new flat belongs to a senior couple who got transferred down to England its smaller but still pretty nice and has 2 bathrooms! Besides moving flats this week was a stressful week. Edinburgh is kinda full of crazy people who take a lot of attention. So we have done a lot of running back and forth and having a lot of stressful phone calls. Sister Watt describes this area as a "high matenience Area."  This week we were able to get a less active member back to church who has been less active for about 6 months since her brother died
We had an amazing miracles yesterday. As you know we are trying to find new investigators this week. We found one his name is James.. This was one of the coolest experiences I have ever had on my mission because I could physically see the spirit working on James, more than I ever have I felt the spirit testify through me. There was a part that I said his name and told him how God loved him and was so proud of him. And as I said that, I could see the total impact from my words. He seemed to be taken back by the authority in my voice of what I said. I don't say this to lift my self up, but I know that what I said to him was completely from God and that if Jesus Christ was standing in my place he would've said the same things and it was such a great thing to feel the authority and power in my words as I testified to him. 

It is amazing how the spirit works on people. I feel so blessed to be here on a mission and to learn to listen to the language of the spirit because that will help me through my entire life. I just know that the with the spirit we can know everything. We can do everything, we never have to be confused or scared or afraid or unsure because we can trust in God and his way. Yesterday Sister Watt was saying, "I wish I was psychic," and I said "you are, you have the spirit!." So that is my little missionary spiritual thought for the week, when you dont' know what to do you can find out what to do by the spirit.

Love, Sister Cardon

Monday, November 11, 2013

First Week in Endinburgh!

Sister Cardon and Sister Watt

Endinburgh Castle in the background

City Park
Sister Cardon reports:
" Hello, this week was a very good week. It was my first official stay in Edinburgh and I love it. The ward here is great and there are a lot of people in it that we work with. The majority of our missionary work involves strengthening the ward, which is very different from Ireland. We visit a lot of less active and recent converts. This particular week we visited a ton of members because we are extending a challenge to them. Our stake president gave us a promise of a large number of baptisms in Edinburgh if we started working with members. In the last conference the phrase "now is the time for members and missionaries to come together" was mentioned 6 times.I love being with Sister Watt, together I feel that we will work to our full capacity and be the best missionaries we can be."

Thursday, November 7, 2013

Edinburgh-The Big City!

Sister Cardon reports that Eninburgh is so big! She has an amazing ward with 16 missionaries. Eight of the missionaries are senior couples that work in the mission home or the Family History Center. She reports they have lots of dinner appointments. She doesn't know what to think of this yet, as this is a new dynamic for her, but did wonder if all the dinner appointments were going to be hard on her waist line!
She also shared that Scotland is colder than Ireland!! She travels by bus everywhere and the bus system is supposed to be even better than the bus system in London. She has noticed that all the buildings look alike and it makes it difficult to find her way around.  However, she loves her new area and her companion!