Monday, November 25, 2013

Helping a Lost Lady and a Ride in a Police Car!

District Nerf Gun War on PDay

Making a Fortnight- a Scottish Tradition
Sister Cardon and Sister Watt were on the street and talked to an elderly lady. She was needing to walk home. They decided to help her get home and realized she could not find her way home. She led them to some homes, but then couldn't remember which one was hers. Just then a policeman stopped and asked some questions. It turned out this lady had been missing for hours and the police were looking for her. Sister Watt and Sister Cardon were questioned regarding the incident. They police were really grateful for their help but also seemed to be checking that they had not been involved in the ladies disappearance. It was very late and so the policeman drove the sisters home. What an exciting day and Sister Cardon and Sister Watt are happy they could help this lady.

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