Monday, January 27, 2014

Two Extra Sisters and A Sketchy Elevator!

Studying the Ensigns

Preparing a Meal at  members house

Sketchy Elevator Labeled with a Magic Marker!

Edinburgh Missionaries

Sister Cardon reports they had a fun week. It was Moves week but she and her companion stayed where they are. They had 2 extra sisters all day to help them on Moves Day and they loved it!. She said there are a " a ton of awesome spiritual miracles going on." Their two female investigators went to institute and were a hit! Sister Cardon said they are both very cute so they were fellow shipped very well. One of the investigators retains everything and they don't have to explain things over and over again. The other investigator brought her notepad and 10 questions to their first lesson! She also reports her recent converts are doing wonderfully. The weather is getting colder, and she says they can take the cold, but when the rain comes it "kills ya."

Monday, January 20, 2014

YSA Adults and Nandos with the Senior Missionaries

The Blessed Trip to Costco

 African Restaurant called Nandos
Sister Cardon and Sister Adams had a great week. They have more people to see, than they have time for and they are so excited about such challenges. They met 2 of the 3 referrals they were given last week. One referral is an American girl named Jessica, who is studying in Edinburgh. She is interested in learning about different religions. Another referral is another young woman from Sierra Lion named Fatima, who has a sister that is already a member of the church. Sister Cardon said Fatima is committed to God and wants to learn more. They have been in contact with other investigators and even " chapped" into a women who's mom is a less active member, but she wants to learn more! They feel like their area is exploding with people interested in hearing more about the church....a missionaries dream come true!  She isn't sure if they are experiencing Global Warming or all the Missionaries are being blessed with mild weather, but apparently the winter is mild and she is not complaining!!

Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lots of Bones and a trip to Costco!

Sister Cardon reports:
"We have been incredibly blessed this last week. We have had 3 referrals (Bones) from the mission home, which is insane! In my entire last 8 months of my mission, I have had 3 referrals. Now we received 3 in a week. Referrals are the best things in the world, they lead to more baptisms than anything else! So this is really exciting! I will let you know how they all turn out next week! Other great news, Andrew was confirmed this last week and it was one of the best confirmations ever. The bishop confirmed him and gave him a really amazing blessing. He blessed his future children and future generations and for him to be a strength and an example to his mom! AHH it was so good and it really made me realize that a baptism is just the start. We didn't just baptize him. we introduced him into a bigger and better life. He is super duper quiet so our next objective is getting him more involved in the YSA. I don't' have a ton a time because we are going to the best place ever today!!! COSTCO!! Yes there is one in Edinburgh and a senior couple is going to take us, it is going to be wonderful  to experience American civilization again!"

Monday, January 6, 2014

Sister Cardon's Best Day

Sister Cardon and Adams -Andrew and Elder Ferris

Edinburgh Missionaries

Sister Cardon reported that Sunday was one of the best days on her mission! Their investigator, Andrew,  was baptized right after church yesterday. They had about 40 members attend the baptism, including President and Sister Brown. Sister Cardon would like to share that Heavenly Father answers our prayers and our fasts. She states, " Now-a-days many people are far too casual about fasting and don't realize that it is the means in which we can call down the powers of heaven to help us. I love to fast, and I have really learned how powerful it can be and how it helps me on my mission. I wish I would've done it more back home."

Saturday, January 4, 2014

A Baptism and 3 men named Brian!

SIster Cardon reports that life is great and she has a baptism scheduled this week! She also reports the weather is crazy windy and rainy.  She said her and  Sister Adams almost blew away on their walk to the Library.  Sister Cardon went on exchanges with Sister Passey, one of the Sister Trainer leaders and got to go to Dumfermline for a day. It was really fun and she  loves going to other areas and being with the sister trainer leaders. Every time she is with them they have "exchange miracles".  While together they had to go "finding"  for 2 hours in the dark cold night and they meet 3 men who wanted to know more. All three of the men were named Brian! In addition, in Edinburgh they got a call from a man named Grenvile who wanted to learn more.  It turns out the Sisters had given him a card with their number on it and he was cleaning out his house and found the card and called them. They also had Zone Interview training. She learned many things and has a great testimony  of how inspired her leaders are.