Tuesday, January 14, 2014

Lots of Bones and a trip to Costco!

Sister Cardon reports:
"We have been incredibly blessed this last week. We have had 3 referrals (Bones) from the mission home, which is insane! In my entire last 8 months of my mission, I have had 3 referrals. Now we received 3 in a week. Referrals are the best things in the world, they lead to more baptisms than anything else! So this is really exciting! I will let you know how they all turn out next week! Other great news, Andrew was confirmed this last week and it was one of the best confirmations ever. The bishop confirmed him and gave him a really amazing blessing. He blessed his future children and future generations and for him to be a strength and an example to his mom! AHH it was so good and it really made me realize that a baptism is just the start. We didn't just baptize him. we introduced him into a bigger and better life. He is super duper quiet so our next objective is getting him more involved in the YSA. I don't' have a ton a time because we are going to the best place ever today!!! COSTCO!! Yes there is one in Edinburgh and a senior couple is going to take us, it is going to be wonderful  to experience American civilization again!"

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