Monday, March 31, 2014

Easter Baptism and Zone Development Days!

Spring in Scotland
Sister Cardon reports an investigator has committed to baptism on Easter Sunday. She is very excited about this, but realizes she could be gone before the baptism. She is very busy with lots of people to visit and teach. She is also excited about the new Zone Development Days. On P-Day the whole zone of missionaries get together and spend the entire day together until 9 p.m. These Development Days happen only once every six weeks. She said these days are wonderful and a stress relief for all the missionaries in the zone. They are also meant to unite the zone. She is loving the work!

Monday, March 24, 2014

Transfer Slumber Party and Member Missionaries!

Sister Adams and Sister Adams with Jackie
Good Companion Sign!
Sister Missioinary Transfer Slumber Party

Sister Cardon shares that the traditional forms of finding people to share the gospel with are becoming extinct as they are very ineffective. She said members need to find people and bring them to the missionaries, so they can be taught. This week they were given a name of a lady that is interested in hearing more. She works in the hospital and saw a bishop give a priesthood blessing to a patient. She wants to know more. Of course, they are so happy to help to her. With transfers happening this last week, Sister Cardon and Sister Adams had four extra Sister Missionaries for a night. It turned out to be slumber party- missionary style!

Monday, March 10, 2014

Atlantic Ocean P-Day and Staying in Edinburgh!

Sister Cardon reports all is well in Edinburgh. She and Sister Adams were the only missionaries along with the zone leaders to not move this last transfer. The sisters are super pleased as they have so many investigators they are currently working with. As usual some days are "hit and miss" trying to meet up with the people they are teaching.

Tuesday, March 4, 2014

Atlantic Ocean and a Chance Meeting in the Post Office

Sister Cardon reports that she is staying in Edingburgh with Sister Adams. She is very happy to be staying as they has so many people they are working with. They were able to go to the beach on Monday. She reported it was really fun but very cold! Everyone in her district was moved except her companionship and the zone leaders. 
They were so happy to find some investigators they haven't been able to contact for over 2 weeks. Sister Cardon said they had been specifically praying that they would be able to get back in touch with their investigators. While she and her companion were at the post office, they ran into their investigators. Their investigators had a broken phone and had not been able to make contact. Everyone was so happy to meet up again!  In addition, a ward member has a friend interested in hearing about the church. Also, a previous investigator that has canceled 7 appointments appears to be ready to hear about the church now! She has three sons.
Sister Cardon reminded us all not to let us work ourselves up over little things. She said those negative thoughts don't come from our Father in Heaven. She is thankful for learning not to get worked up over the little things and having confidence in herself. She knows learning these things during her life are helping her on her mission now.