Monday, May 26, 2014

Warm Air and Rain

Dundee Foliage

Fife Area with Dundee Across the River

Elder Sweat and Sister Cardon both from Heber City, Utah
Sister Cardon reports she had stake conference and zone conference. She had an extra set of Sister missionaries stay at her flat. She alwasy enjoys meeting new Sisters! Their investigator is progressing toward baptism. She is very excited as he has been interviewed for the baptism. She shares:  
"The Dundee ward is starting a  "Month of Invitation" in June to help the missionaries. On Sunday they passed out a calendar that's all about missionary work and doing missionary things everyday of the week. They are having a weekly ward activity.  Then on June 29th, there is going to be a baptismal service after church and we don't know who, but someone (hopefully more than one person) will be baptized! The whole ward is fasting on June 1st for the baptism and then one family every day of the month will take a turn in fasting. Isn't' that so amazing?! Bingham is a great ward and they are so missionary- oriented. If all wards could have the faith of this ward than there would be many people joining the church."
She also reports the weather is warm and even when it rains the wind is warm!

Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homeless for 2 Days and My Ancestors!

Sister Cardon shared that she and her companion were locked out of their flat for two whole days! They realized they were locked out on Saturday and their attempts to break into the  apartment were fruitless. Thankfully, they were able to stay at an accommodating senior couple's flat. She reports they were given toothbrushes, towels and a really soft bed. In addition, they had an Ipad and watched Mormon Messages before bed and loved them.  She said it was like staying in a Hotel except with no new cloths, underwear, or makeup. Even more, they were fed waffles, with real maple syrup and it was the best breakfast on her mission! 

They taught lots of people this week. One  investigator has been asking many many questions that keep them on their toes. Sister Cardon and Sister MCCarrey are not being transferred so they will stay together and continue with all their investigators and many appointments. Sister Cardon reports the weather is getting warm and she hardly wore a jacket!!!! Amazing! She has found she has relatives in all three areas of Scotland and Ireland that she has served in.
She states: 
 "Missionary work is the best and happiest work I have ever done. It really helps me understand what really matters in life. We have dinner with a lot of less active college students and it was interesting to hear what their lives revolve around, friends, relationships and school. I have come to see on my mission how misleading it is to center your life around boys and who is going to be your next boyfriend, and how to impress your friends, or wear the right kind of cloths. I just hope that when I go home I won't be like that and I will remember what really matters in life."

Monday, May 12, 2014

Change of Heart and Sticky Note Prank!

 Car Sticky Prank is Universal!

All Sister Missionaries at Zone Conference
Sister Cardon reports that many lesson appointments fell through this last week. However, their week turned wonderful when a Baptist investigator that had stated he was not interested in being baptized read the Book of Mormon and changed his mind! Sister Cardon and Sis McCarry prayed that their investigator would open his mind to know the truth. He now has a baptismal date and has attended several church activities.

She shares,
It was a great testimony to me of being persistent and not losing faith even when things seem unlikely. It reminds me of that verse in Ether that says, "Ye receive no witness until after the trial of your faith."  Or in our case, you receive no success until after you preservere and keep trying! So that was the great miracle of the week, probably one of the best experiences on my mission."

They enjoyed Zone Conference and received brilliant Counsel from President Brown. Sister Cardon enjoyed meeting up with missionaries she has served with!

Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wettest Day Ever and Investigators Galore!

Caught in a Down Pour of ALL Down Pours
Sister Cardon Shares: "The most exciting thing that happened this week was probably exchanges with the STL's (Sister Trainer Leaders). I went with Sister Cuff again and had so much fun visiting Dunfermline. I am pretty sure that I have spent more time in Dunfermline than in Dundee because I have been on exchanges there so much. The people we saw this last exchange are all people I have visited before, so it was fun to see them again. I really like the STL's they are some of my favorite sisters in the mission, plus I always learn load from them and they make great smoothies:). 

Do you want to hear a missionary joke? Something that people do here to new missionaries when they are first out is when they see a plane pass in the sky the point to it and look at their greenie and say, "how far away is that plane?" and the greenie says, "I don't know, far" and then the trainer says, " I do, 24 months." ........ silence hahahaha! I am sure that is a universal mission joke.

Other interesting things that happened include the crazy weather. The beginning of the week was hot, the middle of the week was absolutely freezing, worse than I have felt all winter freezing and then it was crazy rain yesterday. Yesterday, I got wetter than I ever have my entire mission! It happened on our way back from an appointment with a less active. She offered to give us a ride and we said we'd be fine. It was just sprinkling outside and about 5 minutes into the walk the heavens just opened and we got drenched completely and utterly soaked. And we had to walk all the way home in this torrential rain storm. It wasn't that cold just really really wet, I think we gave a people a good laugh as they drove by."