Tuesday, May 20, 2014

Homeless for 2 Days and My Ancestors!

Sister Cardon shared that she and her companion were locked out of their flat for two whole days! They realized they were locked out on Saturday and their attempts to break into the  apartment were fruitless. Thankfully, they were able to stay at an accommodating senior couple's flat. She reports they were given toothbrushes, towels and a really soft bed. In addition, they had an Ipad and watched Mormon Messages before bed and loved them.  She said it was like staying in a Hotel except with no new cloths, underwear, or makeup. Even more, they were fed waffles, with real maple syrup and it was the best breakfast on her mission! 

They taught lots of people this week. One  investigator has been asking many many questions that keep them on their toes. Sister Cardon and Sister MCCarrey are not being transferred so they will stay together and continue with all their investigators and many appointments. Sister Cardon reports the weather is getting warm and she hardly wore a jacket!!!! Amazing! She has found she has relatives in all three areas of Scotland and Ireland that she has served in.
She states: 
 "Missionary work is the best and happiest work I have ever done. It really helps me understand what really matters in life. We have dinner with a lot of less active college students and it was interesting to hear what their lives revolve around, friends, relationships and school. I have come to see on my mission how misleading it is to center your life around boys and who is going to be your next boyfriend, and how to impress your friends, or wear the right kind of cloths. I just hope that when I go home I won't be like that and I will remember what really matters in life."

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