Tuesday, October 29, 2013

A Baptism, a Transfer to Corstorphine, Scotland, and Gratitude Prayers!

Staying Dry and Warm in Londonderry!

Sister Pitcher, Sister Doherety and Sister Cardon

Night Lights of Londonderry,
 Sister Cardon reports that she is moving to Scotland. She is going to be in the heart of Edinburgh and her area is called Corstorphine . She will be in a 3-sum again and is excited for the move, although it is hard to leave all her investigators.
Although Sister Cardon and Sister Pitcher did not teach Carmel they were able to assist her with her baptism. She Cardon included a few wise word about having gratitude:
"Last week we were focusing on saying gratitude prayers after every lesson we had. It was amazing the effect that had upon the amount of lessons we got last week. I know that as we are grateful for what we do have, the Lord blesses us with more. Just like an earthly favor, our Heavenly Father will not continue to bless us if we are not grateful for what we already have."

Tuesday, October 22, 2013

Zone Interview Training and a Package!

 Sister Card and Sister Pitcher at Zone Interview Training
A Long Awaited Package finally delivered!

Sister Cardon reports she enjoyed her recent Zone Interview Training. She was given a new booklet the First Presidency has put out for new missionaries called  "Adjusting to Mission Life."  She said it tells missionaries what to expect and how to deal with the stresses and changes that come with serving a mission. 
She was able to see President and Sister Brown, which she said is like  is like seeing your mission Mom and Dad!. Sister Cardon gets to attend a baptism that the Letterkenny Elders are having in a neighboring town. She has high hopes one of her investigators will  be baptized soon. Her branch has a new mission leader and she is very excited that missionary work will increase with this new change.

Saturday, October 19, 2013

A Case of the Flu and Increasing Faith

Sister Cardon reports her companion was sick most of the week with the flu. Happily, her companion is now feeling much better. This week she said,
"It has been such an amazing few weeks, though we weren't' able to go out much we were really effective in teaching "those that are prepared to receive" us. Everyday I feel my faith increasing and I know the Lord is watching over us and supporting us in the missionary work. Regardless of whether Philomena or Allen get baptized my faith in the Lord will not falter. I am here to preach his gospel and I love the work!"

Thursday, October 10, 2013

Success at the Bus Stop and a tender testimony!

Sister Cardon shares her week as they went to check out a referral and her testimony.

"The community was small so we decided to knock the entire community cause it only had about 30 houses. As we did so, every person that opened the door and said, "I'm Catholic, no thanks" and would shut the door. This week I was really really trying to work on getting more faith, and so at each door I would say, Ok this person is going to talk to us, they are going to be prepared, this is it! But we did the entire community with no possibilities of return appointments. Later back our on way home we were at a bus stop and starting talking to this lady. We talked for about 20 minutes because we had just missed the bus, and  she became really interested in the gospel. We boarded the bus and Sat next to her. By the time we got off the bus we had a time set up for a return appointment, given her a BOM and had the assignment to get her a picture of the Latter-day Prophet for our next appointment. 

 I know that the Lord is watching over all of us. All we have to do is have faith in Him and I know He will deliver, for that is His promise to us. If Christ could raise men and women from the dead, can he not soften the hearts of those we love, can he not put prepared people in our paths, can he not help us with the everyday simple challenges we face in this life. I know that He can but we must pray to him daily, hour by hour in our hearts and He will reward us as we believe in Him.  Remember, it is easy to believe, it is easy to follow the savior. His burden is easy and His yoke is light, we are not meant to go through life alone, but are meant to rely on the one who will always be there to help us."

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

Exchange Miracles!

Sister Cardon reports she had a superb week. The Sister Trainers from Dublin came and went on splits with them. She reported that miracles happen when missionaries go on splits. Sister Cardon explained that splits give missionaries new momentum in their efforts. She was able to find a man that has previously taken the discussions and is married to a woman that is a member of the church who is not attending currently. She is very excited about finding this couple. By the end of the week they had 10 potential contacts and she reminds us all that prayer can fix anything and make things better!