Wednesday, May 7, 2014

Wettest Day Ever and Investigators Galore!

Caught in a Down Pour of ALL Down Pours
Sister Cardon Shares: "The most exciting thing that happened this week was probably exchanges with the STL's (Sister Trainer Leaders). I went with Sister Cuff again and had so much fun visiting Dunfermline. I am pretty sure that I have spent more time in Dunfermline than in Dundee because I have been on exchanges there so much. The people we saw this last exchange are all people I have visited before, so it was fun to see them again. I really like the STL's they are some of my favorite sisters in the mission, plus I always learn load from them and they make great smoothies:). 

Do you want to hear a missionary joke? Something that people do here to new missionaries when they are first out is when they see a plane pass in the sky the point to it and look at their greenie and say, "how far away is that plane?" and the greenie says, "I don't know, far" and then the trainer says, " I do, 24 months." ........ silence hahahaha! I am sure that is a universal mission joke.

Other interesting things that happened include the crazy weather. The beginning of the week was hot, the middle of the week was absolutely freezing, worse than I have felt all winter freezing and then it was crazy rain yesterday. Yesterday, I got wetter than I ever have my entire mission! It happened on our way back from an appointment with a less active. She offered to give us a ride and we said we'd be fine. It was just sprinkling outside and about 5 minutes into the walk the heavens just opened and we got drenched completely and utterly soaked. And we had to walk all the way home in this torrential rain storm. It wasn't that cold just really really wet, I think we gave a people a good laugh as they drove by."

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