Tuesday, April 29, 2014

Moving Flats and Finding A Mom!

Sister Cardon and Sister McCarry with two girls from the ward

Water Balloon Volleyball on Zone Day

Sister Cardon had a very busy week in Dundee. Right after getting transferred to Dundee she found out she was going to be moving flats again. She said she almost fell off her chair as she has moved flats in every city she has lived in at least once, and some twice! She spent the week moving and organizing the new flat. She also met many of the investigators in Dundee and is very excited about teaching all of them. One investigator has a baptismal date in May! She and her companion prayed to find a mom that needed help. On the bus, they found a mom with three little boys that is interested in hearing more. They are very excited to be working with this mom. She had a Zone Day and spent the day with 24 other missionaries having a great time. They played Water balloon volley ball, Capture the flag ,Ultimate Frisbee, Dodge ball, a game called Splash and lots of food and fun. She mentioned that Heavenly Father blessed them with the only sunny day in 10 days for their Zone Day and the next day it started raining again. 

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