Monday, April 21, 2014

The City of Dundee and an Easter Message!

Sister Cardon reports she is very excited about being in Dundee. She knows the Lord is blessing her. As quick at the tears dried from leaving Edinburgh, her excitement increased at her new opportunities in Dundee. She loves her new companion Sister McCarry. She is also very happy to find out Sister McCarry loves to jog! She knows she will learn and grow with Sister McCarry. She was also pleased to find out her district leader is Elder Sweat, a boy from home that she went to high school with. She said there are two wards and is very excited about the members and the investigators they are working with. Dundee has a large University and the Young Single Adult YSA program is strong and they will be working a lot with the YSA. Two of their investigators are YSA's.

Sister Cardon said the sun shines more in Dundee and there are less storms from the Atlantic that come in. She found out she gets to move flats again!! She is glad she has good moving and packing skills now with moving flats so many times throughout her mission. Her message for Easter is:
 I am just so glad that I have had this opportunity to better my relationship with my Savior while being on a mission. I have become fond of the scripture in Moroni 7:48 that says, "and when he shall appear we shall be like him, for we shall see him as he is." I love it because I actually feel like I know who my Savior is. He is not just someone who died on a cross but He knows me and I know Him and when He comes I will recognize who He is, what He has done for me and I will know Him, actually know Him! I still don't know Him perfectly and I never will in this life, but I strive every day to come closer to Him by seeking and following His will. We can't know Him if we don't do what He commands. It's by what He commands and we understand and do that we come to know Him. There is my little testimony for the week, I love you all very very much! talk to you soon!

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