Monday, April 14, 2014

A Move to Dundee!

Dundee Waterfront
Sister Cardon reports she is moving 2 hours north to the city of Dundee. She will be in the Bingham area. This area is called the Dundee Zone in the mission. She believes the weather will be a bit cooler than Edinburgh. Her new companion is from Hawaii and she is very excited to get to know her. She is super sad to leave Edinburgh and all the people she has come to love. She had a very busy two weeks with investigators and working with another set of Sister Missionaries.

 She did a lot of crazy driving, and got a parking ticket. A missionary choir performed in the Saint Giles Cathedral in Edinburgh. She said it was amazing and made people cry. Her gas was turned off when they were with the other sister missionaries. They had no heat, gas, for cooking or warm showers!  She was so happy to see some less active members come to church this week. Lastly, she and her companions ate a total of 21 Kinder Eggs which have little surprises inside. They got addicted to collecting Marvel super heroes which were the little surprises in the Kinder Eggs.

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