Thursday, April 17, 2014

Farwell from Edinburgh Ward Members!

We received a letter from a member of the Edinburgh Ward regarding Sister Cardon and her service there. See Below:

Sister Cardon is an exceptional missionary.  The honest truth is that we are not in the habit of writing emails such as this (in fact, I can think of having done so on only one previous occasion), but we both felt you should know of the amazing service she has given in this corner of the Lord's vineyard.

Of course, you don't need us to tell you that your daughter is a kind, bright, loving, and all-round wonderful person.  But she is also an extremely diligent and faithful servant of the Lord, and she has seen tremendous success working with investigators, recent converts, and less active members.  

The ward has been greatly strengthened by her presence here over the past few months; she has been such a blessing to us.  My husband serves on the ward mission leadership, and he has seen first-hand how keen Sister Cardon has been to love and serve everyone around her - and her determination to remain positive in the face of challenges.

Sister Cardon has been able to reach out and touch the lives of a number of sisters in ways that nobody else has managed.  It's obvious how much she cares for her companion, and she has also become a good friend of ours personally, and I'm grateful for everything she has done for my husband and I.

Edinburgh's loss is Dundee's gain.  The church is strong up there, and we have no doubt that Sister Cardon will continue to enjoy great success in the transfers ahead.  For now, though, we just thought you should know that your daughter is a truly exemplary missionary, and she will be greatly missed.

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