Monday, June 9, 2014

19 Hours of Sunlight and Raw Fish!

Sister Cardon loves Yummy Raw Fish!
Sister Cardon reports:
" Dundee is the sunniest and driest city in Scotland? So I feel super blessed to be in such a warm area. The days are super long, its gets light at 4am and doesn't get dark until about 11pm so there is only about 5 hours of darkness which is really nice and makes missionary work feel a lot better when its light all day long instead of dark. We found 3 new investigators which greatly increased our teaching pool.

 Our stake president is really cool and gives everyone a little object at the beginning of the Saturday session and then they have to wait and hold this object until the end when he relates it to the gospel. Last conference he gave everyone a set of ear plugs and talked about tuning out the world and then challenged everyone to stop watching TV, get on facebook etc. for a week. He is pretty creative. On Saturday everyone was given this week little brown envelope and it said DO NOT OPEN. When he talked he told everyone to stand up and close their eyes. Then he asked everyone to point to where North was, still with our eyes closed. When we opened our eyes all of us where pointing in different direction. Then he asked us all to open this envelope and inside was a little compass, everyone got one. He related the compass to the Holy Ghost, and how the dependable, unchanging qualities of a compass guide us through life just like the Holy Ghost."

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