Friday, December 27, 2013

Christmas in Scotland and Driving Euro Style!

Sister Brand and Sister Cardon venturing out in a car!

Sister Cardon and Sister Adams

Christmas at the Flat!

Sister Cardon reports she had a wonderful Christmas Celebration starting with a performance from the Missionary Choir,  with 30 missionaries. They played drums, guitars, recorders, harmonicas, pianos, harps and violins. She said they were so talented and had amazing voices and the members loved it. They got to watch Polar Express on Christmas Eve and on Christmas Day they were able to eat delicious food and Skype with family members. The day after Christmas they were not able to track and so they went to the church and had fun activities with all the other missionaries. She described a game called Chair Domination that sounds very fun. She said it's like dodge ball but on roller chairs with a ball. Sister Cardon said it was the funniest thing she has done on her mission and that she was sore the next day. I'm pretty sure her Water Polo Champion Days helped her dominate the Elders! The amazing work continues and she is teaching two investigators. One investigator named Andrew will be getting baptized next week. She wanted to thank everyone for the prayers and support.

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