Monday, August 19, 2013

Londonderry Packed with People

The Fleadh

SIster Cardon reports:
 "Over here we had a bit of a crazy week. The Fleadh was going on and so the town was packed. They estimated there would be 300,000 people at the Fleadh over the week and they said they got more then that! I don't know now much more but it was packed. We spent a few hours of the week helping out at the Family history booth we had up, though the Elders ran it most of the time. It was kinda like Swiss Days but with a lot of more food stands.  There was a lot of crazy drinking to at the end of the night so we stayed away from the city after 6 PM. You would think it would be easier to talk to people when there are lots around but is actually harder to find people to talk to in a sea of humans. Lucky me and sister Pitcher were able to teach 22 lessons this week even with the big crowds. Everyone tells me that being in training is the slowest time of your mission and being a trainer is the fastest. I can already tell how fast these next few weeks are going to go by."

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