Monday, August 5, 2013

Sister Cardon Stays in Londonderry with new Trainee!

Sister Cardon in St. Columbus Park
Sister Cardon reports that she is staying in Londonderry. However, she is going to be training a new Sister Missionary! There is only one Sister missionary coming to the mission home with 23 Elders this week. Sister Cardon will spend two days traveling by bus, train and ferry to pick up her new companion. She is getting a companion from Utah that also has red hair! She thinks it will be great to have two red-headed missionaries walking the street of Londonderry Ireland!
She had a fantastic week and taught 23 lessons! She is excited to continue to work with Winefred, who will be getting baptized soon. She can't believe she is already training a sister but is looking forward to growth it will afford her.

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