Monday, July 8, 2013

A Week of Miracles - 3 Investigators at Church!

Beautiful Londonderry
Sister Cardon reports:
"We have seen many miracles this week and have truly witnessed the blessings of the Lord.
 Yesterday atchurch we had 3 investigators!!
 Basically we just met a lot of really amazing people this week on the street. We 
met Michael, Dylan and Patrick which are already or will soon be new investigators!
 Then we are teaching Maliky, Ronny, Janusz and Winifred.
 Yep that is correct we only have one female investigator, we can't help it if men like to
 talk to us better! :)
 But Winifred came to church yesterdayand she is completey ready to get baptized so
 hopefully that will happen soon!"
 Sister Cardon also reported they have seen a lot of rain. She has been told to take pictures 
when the sun comes out and now she realizes why people tell her that. She was taken to 
Subway Sandwich by some members in the ward. Then she even  met some people from 
Heber that were visiting Ireland and they knew Shane! 

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