Wednesday, October 8, 2014

Blown Away in Stornoway!

Windy  Stornoway
Exploring the Isle

Sister Cardon reports the weather is "JUST CRAZY!" She said when the winds got up 50 mp she thought there were going to be blown away and water was blowing from the sea over the barriers into the street. Members have told them  that 80 mph is the average in the winter and sometimes they get up to 120 mph which blows peoples roofs off. 

Sister Cardon said the best thing about the week was conference and as a Branch, everyone wrote down 3 questions that they had. She shares, 

 "All of my questions answered in the very first session I watched! I feel on a mission we receive so much revelation.  We receive it for us as individuals, for our area, and for our family. The spiritual insight that I gleaned was by Elder Packer. I loved how he mentioned that often we feel like we experience injustices of the world. I know I have especially faced a lot recently. We are tempted to make someone pay for our injustices, or to cause the person pain that caused us pain. But I was so touched when he said, "someone already suffered for that pain." Christ already suffered for the injustices we have in our life. I think,"didn't Christ already suffer enough pain for us without us adding to his suffering with our anger and unforgiving hatred towards others who have caused us pain?" We need not think that someone must pay, because someone already did!"

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