Monday, October 13, 2014

Miracles Once More and one Last Zone Conference!

Sister Douglas and Sister Cardon reunited!

Sister Dias and Sister Cannon with Sister Cardon

Sister Cardon's District
Sister Cardon reports one of their investigators has committed to follow their instruction on reading, praying and attending church and work toward a baptism in November. She feels it's a miracle to watch these happening unfold as this investigator has been struggling.

She was able to attend her last Zone Conference/Development day. As usual, it was so much fun. They played fun games like Yoga Football, Capture the Flag, Egg Toss etc. She was able to go on exchanges with Sisters she has grown to love. She shared her departing testimony, which is a requirement for all missionaries leaving the field at their last Zone Conference. She express sadness at having to say good-bye to so many wonderful freinds. 
She  shares, 
"This week I experienced the ,"I don't want to go home!" feeling. I never believed missionaries when they said they weren't excited to go home but I really felt that for myself this week. I felt in a very real since that the world I have lived in for the last 18 months was going to be shattered. I wouldn't see any of my new favorite people for a few months or even years, I wouldn't be able to preach the gospel, I now had to worry about normal life, all the people I have grown to love with all my heart, I was leaving behind. It was a very sad thought. I am still excited to come home but I realized coming home is just as sad as it is happy."

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