Tuesday, September 16, 2014

Wonder City of Glasgow

City of Glasgow

Sister Cardon shares,

 "The best part of our week was stake conference in Glasgow. We had an area 70 came, but they kept introducing him with different names so I can't tell you what his name.  It been such a blast to stay at Sister Cannon and Sister Dias flat for the past few days. 
I love that we have the opportunity in this church to receive divine revelation from our Heavenly Father. Such revelation we receive for us is personal and we can receive on a day to day basis, not just at conferences. But conferences are inspired. The area authority said the revelation we receive are commandments for us individually, that we need to obey them. He told us that us we need to take notes to know what commandments we need to work on. We all can improve, there will never be a conference or a church meeting in which we won't receive new commandments for ourselves because we will never be perfect. That's the great thing about this life, that we don't' have to be perfect. It doen't matter how many right or wrong question we got on the "test of life" it is who we are when we turn the test in.  It's about Who we have become!

I am grateful for eternal progression! I love you all so much!"

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