Tuesday, February 18, 2014

Scottish Coldness and Haggis!

District at the Famous David O McKay marker

Haggis- and she lived!
Sister Cardon said she had a great week. They moved out of their flat into a new one. She is excited to report one of her investigators has set a Baptism date for April 27. She said everyone in ward loves their investigator and she realizes she will probably be transferred before the baptism. She said it has snowed and the Scottish coldness has arrived. She also noted that on Valentine's Day it was FREEZING!
 Sister Cardon shares :
"Yesterday at church we had one of the coolest experiences on my mission. There was going to be about 5 people at church yesterday. However, by the time Sacrament meeting was about to start none of them were there. I was so frustrated and I was wondering why they weren't coming and what more I could have done. As I was in my gallows of sadness and frustration we got a text that a man we met about a month ago and he was on his way to church. Sure enough this man showed up right in the middle of sacrament! It was so cool! His name is Matteo and he deaf and mute and we met him on the street about a month ago but he never contacted us after that.  It was great and he couldn't' even hear a word of what was being said. I did learn something about deaf people they don't exactly know how much noise they make because they can't hear themselves. But the ward was so understanding and we got hold of a notebook and all the YSA (Matteo is 21) came and just started writing notes to him and getting down numbers and all that good stuff. He was fellow-shipped and everyone loved him. Some people knew sign and they started to sign to him. Basically, he was having a blast. It was such a miracles from heaven and a tender mercy. It was definitely a demonstration of the Lords power that He can get people to church if He wants them to be there. Matteo came right out of the blue and so if Heavenly Father really needed those other 5 people to come they would've. Sometimes I feel like a spoiled child saying "Heavenly Father, why isn't someone at church I want someone to be here!". Seriously, sometimes I think we forget how much Heavenly Father cares about the little things and how truly spoiled we are."

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