Monday, February 10, 2014

A Multi-Zone Conference in the" Promised Land."

Sister Douglas and Sister Cardon on Exchanges

Beautiful picture of Cortsorphine (Edinburgh)
Sister Cardon reports she learned many things from the multi-zone conference from Elder Hebertson a member of the Seventy. She stated,  "We talked a lot about personal conversion and how our desire to share the gospel is often a reflection of our own testimony. It really impacted me to know that what I share with people and how I share it all boils down to my own testimony. Basically I learned that our conversion really comes through one simple act, which is repentance. It is only when we feel the redeeming power of the Atonement that we are truly converted! It is such simple and clear knowledge that I received. If we desire to be better people, missionaries, parents and friends all we simply need to do it give up our own sins." Sister Cardon reports she was able to see other missionaries she has missed and was very happy to meet up with them again.

Sister Cardon and Sister Adams continue to get more referrals and Sis. Adams calls Corstorphine,  The "Promised Land," as they are finding so many people that want to hear more about the gospel.

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